How much is the listing fee?

Listing is FREE on TowerX. Presently, for listing a token on TowerX, the project team only needs to pay in their own project tokens. Minimum 40 ETH value of your project tokens needs to be paid for listing.
These tokens will be used for the trading competition to reward top 100 traders. So, effectively, we do not charge anything to list your token. Whatever token you give are used to reward our community. You do not need to pay anything in ETH.
Presently we accept only ERC-20 tokens for listing. To list you token please email to [email protected]
Example: For example, if your token name is ABC token and your ICO price is 1 ETH = 500 ABC tokens. Then, for direct listing you need to give minimum 20000 ABC tokens i.e. 500 x 40 = 20000 

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