TowerX branding guidelines for publishers

Branding guidelines for usage of TowerX logo
1. The logo of TowerX can be used by anyone who want to reference website for any constructive and lawful act. This includes, but not limited to, usage of logo by websites, news publishers, blogs, videos, print media etc.  If you find any abuse of logo of TowerX, you may inform us at [email protected]
2. The logo of TowerX consist of 2 parts, "Hexagonal Rings" and the text "TOWERX". As far as possible, both the parts of the logo should be visible. You may choose to display either the "Hexagonal Rings" or text "TOWERX" as long as it can be easily understood that the content is related to
2. Colour: The TowerX logo uses 4 colours namely Red, Blue, Green and Golden Yellow. A fifth colour white is also used in some cases. When white colour is used, the entire logo (Hexagonal rings and text) should be in white colour.
3. Hexagonal Rings: The TowerX logo consists of 3 hexagonal rings of colours Red, Blue and Green. The position of the colours are fixed. The Green ring will also contain a shade of Golden Yellow colour inside it.
The 3 Hexagonal rings represent the honeycomb and the Golden Yellow colour inside the Green ring represents Honey. 
4. Height / Width: The height to width ratio of the logo is not strictly fixed. There can be some variation as long as the logo does not appear to be stretched or compressed.
5. Logo variants: The colour combination of the hexagonal rings is fixed and can not be altered. The text TOWERX can have three different variants wherein the text "TOWER" can be either Red, Blue or Green in colour and the text "X" can only be in Golden Yellow colour.
When white colour is used, the entire logo will be in white colour. In total there are 4 possible variants of the TOWERX logo which are given below.

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