XLMGOLD rewards distributed

The trading competition held for XLMGOLD/ETH pair has now ended. Total of 1000000 XLMGOLD have been distributed equally among 67 traders.

The reward pool was for top 100 traders but there were only 67 traders and hence every trader got higher rewards.

The rewards have already been credited to the account of eligible users.

About trading competition

Tokens listed on TowerX hold a trading competition for 30 days from date of listing on TowerX. The rewards are distributed equally among top 100 traders by volume. The total amount of rewards are decided by the respective project teams.

If you want to list your token on TowerX directly, you need to commit at-least 30 ETH equivalent value of your tokens for the trading competition. You can contact us at [email protected] for listing you token. Presently we accept only ERC-20 tokens.

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