TowerX supports Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork

Withdrawal and Deposits will be suspended for few hours.

The Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork will take place after block number 7080000 is mined which is expected to occur on January 16, 2019.

What the users of TowerX can expect from this hard fork?

  1. Nothing to panic: If you are having ETH or any other ERC20 token on TowerX, there is nothing to panic due to upcoming hard fork. TowerX will do all the required technical and coding updates to keep the systems and network running for you.
  2. Chances of new coin is very little: As majority of miners are supporting the upgrade, the chances of a new coin being created are very little.
  3. If new coin is there, you will receive it: In rare case, if the hard fork results in a new coin, then we will credit all users with the new coins. The new coin will be credited to users who have ETH in their account at block number 7080000.
  4. Deposits and Withdrawals: To avoid chances of any unexpected events, the deposits and withdrawals will be suspended approximately 2 hours before the hard fork. The deposits and withdrawals will be enabled once the hard fork is declared to be successful and everything on ETH network is normal.
  5. Trading will remain active: The trading on TowerX will not be affected by this hard fork and trading activity will continue to be operational.

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