Coin Listing Vote Begins

The first phase of coin listing vote for listing coins on TowerX exchange begins today.

Voting process

Every user registered on will have 5 free votes every month. Apart from this, for every 100 TBE in the account, you will have 1 premium vote.

You can vote multiple times. You can also select multiple coins to vote.

Trading competition

Every project participating in the voting process have the option to committ some of their project coins for the trading competition.

The coins will be used to reward top 100 traders. The trading competition will run for 30 days from the date of listing of the coin.

The project that commits coins for trading competition will be given preference in listing on TowerX as compared to those projects who do not commit any coins.

Listing process

The top coins by vote are selected from time to time, normally 2 times a month. There is no listing fee for coins selected by voting process.

The listing will be announced on our Twitter page, Telegram group and TowerX website.